The Girl down Loch Änzi
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    The Girl down Loch Änzi

    Das Mädchen vom Änziloch

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    87 min

    • German
    • Swiss German


    The pivotal summer for 12-year-old Laura, who lives in a beautiful remote area in the Swiss mountains. As the only daughter in a taciturn family of farmers and mostly left to her own, she becomes obsessed with the legends told about a gorge in the area where no one dares to go. When a boy from town arrives to help on the farm she finally has a friend to share her fears and fantasies with. After he has left she takes the courage to explore the mysterious place all by herself. The portrait of a girl underestimated by all.


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    Alice Schmid
    Aurelio Buchwalder
    Anja Bombelli
    Thomas Jeker
    Rea Dubach
    Alice Schmid

    Alice Schmid


    Born in Lucerne in 1951. Studied Spanish and Italian. Writer and filmmaker. In 1996 foundation of Ciné A.S.Ltd. in Zurich.Alice Schmid tells stories from all over the world, with the focus always on the children. Her work has won international awards (Gold in Biarritz, the Erich Kaestner Prize, a nomination for Grimme). On Swiss Television she reaches over 600,000 viewers. With her first novel “Thirteen Is My Number”, also set around Mount Napf, she made it onto the Swiss Bestseller List.
    In every one of her works so far, Alice Schmid has been dealing with children of this world. SAY NO (1993) is a film classic on child abuse. In Liberia and Sierra Leone (1999/2002) she featured child soldiers. In EVERY DROP FOR THE FUTURE (1996) she accompanied a Bolivian girl on her two-hour walk to school. In LETTER TO GROWN-UPS (1994) she portrayed a childhood in the mine-fields of Cambodia. With her first feature film THE CHILDREN OF MOUNT NAPF, she is now returning to Switzerland, to the epicenter of her first, direct experiences, to the region that is also the setting of her successful literary debut THIRTEEN IS MY NUMBER (2011).

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