The Golden Dawn Girls
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    The Golden Dawn Girls

    Directed by

    • Håvard Bustnes

    Norway, Denmark, Finland


    92 min

    • English
    • Greek


    “What happened to Greece?” Håvard Bustnes wonders in his disturbing documentary. In recent years the country’s sunny beaches have been overshadowed by nationalism. When twenty members from the Greek political party, The Golden Dawn, are imprisoned, accused of leading a criminal organization, the women behind the men step forward. In Golden Dawn Girls, a wife, a mother and a daughter of the imprisoned men invite a Norwegian filmmaker in to show off a more humane side of the party, including children and family dinners. Convinced that women cannot be so inhumane as to support something akin to Nazism, he is let into the party’s innermost circle. While they regularly pause the interview to reach agreement that things went as they intended, the camera is left on. And as the camera runs between the interviews, the gaps between their words and actions becomes clear as day.



    Lars Skree
    Viggo Knudsen
    Anders Teigen