The Golden Legend

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The Golden Legend (Leyenda dorada)

Directed by Ion de Sosa, Chema García Ibarra

  • Spain 2019; 11 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama


The swimming pool has played an important role throughout film history – most often as a romping ground for the sophisticated and hedonistic DOLCE VITA. But it can be so much more, even sinister, as in SUNSET BOULEVARD. In THE GOLDEN LEGEND a rather unglamorous swimming pool of diminished charm forms the focal point of the story. A lazy summer’s day in the Spanish village of Montánchez, and people of all ages enjoy themselves at the outdoor pool. It is an almost utopian depiction of community, under the lofty, watchful gaze of Our Lady of Consolation. While conflicts, aggression, rivalries and animosities have a siesta, the villagers take a well-deserved break. Formally, the film draws on the tradition of New Objectivity. But unlike Robert Siodmak’s PEOPLE ON SUNDAY (1930) and its lido sequence, this is a wee summer fairy tale.



    Leire Apellaniz