The Green Vessel

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    The Green Vessel

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    51 min

    • English
    • Spanish

    Docufiction, Experimental

    It all starts like a fantasy tale: in a small boat floating along a tropical river, an old man is talking about a world that is in the grip of multinational corporations for good, and about an environmental disaster filling waters with hairy creatures. When the old man turns into a narrator, another story begins: that of a scientist who is doing research on a new bacterium infecting a river. Once he has explained his research and the political and economic stakes of pollution, the biologist goes back to the field, followed by an artist-filmmaker and his assistant. Then we are under the impression that THE GREEN VESSEL has found its genre and pace: somewhere between a parody of a widescreen adventure movie, and a speculative sci-fi film forecasting the future of our planet, with any hope of emancipation and ecological conversation definitely laid to rest by the alliance between the food-processing industry and big data companies. Except that the mutation of that filmic organism is just getting started. The real toxic thing here is not the green and wet territory the characters are disappearing into, but rather the cinematic land that the double story comes up with to lose the audience. The old man on one side, the scientist and his sidekicks on the other: the maps of their progress through the rainforest come one after another according to some variation pattern, in the inevitable monotony of the forest and its slight di erences in textures and colors. Green wins, the plans and the minds get lost, speeches proliferate in absurdity like algae in the river. The travel knows no end, no other way-out than the arbitrariness of imagination raving about landscapes.



    Alex Greig
    Moana Ete
    Tini Vaofusi
    Keilan Smith
    Martin Patrick
    Kane Laing​
    Mike Peters
    Gregorio Manzur
    Etienne de France
    Iain Frengley
    Kevin Cartwright
    Etienne de France
    Sigurður Eyþórsson
    Guðlaugur Andri Eyþórsson
    Etienne de France
    Etienne de France

    Etienne de France


    Born 1984 in Paris, Etienne de France is a French artist who received a B.A in Art History and Archaeology in Paris, and then completed a B.A in Visual Arts at the Iceland Art Academy of Reykjavik.
    Unfolding his practice in a multidisciplinary and fragmented way, Etienne de France explores the relationships between concepts of nature and landscape. Through the fields of sciences and architecture, Etienne de France create works using a variety of media such as video, writing, photography, sculpture and drawing. From a questioning on landscape as a space of imaginary and emancipation, he elaborates fictional and narrative maps.
    Composed of serial elements, each project is the result of a long-term development, forming the visible bodies of his work. This process allows integrating the possibility of a dialogue between the exhibition’s space and the work, but also through the involvement of many ramifications, to extend the work, and to place it in a space for critical dialogs. His films include TALES OF A SEA COW (2012) and LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT LANDSCAPE (2017). His film THE GREEN VESSEL (2019) had its world premiere at FID Marseille.