The Greenaway Alphabet

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    The Greenaway Alphabet

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    68 min

    • English


    The fascinations of filmmaker Peter Greenaway, whose motto is "art is life and life is art,"are captured like butterflies and arranged in an alphabet, a form that suits him perfectly as an encyclopedist. In intimate conversations with his perceptive 16-year-old daughter Zoë, we discover the whos, whats and whys about Greenaway. They begin with A, which stands for Amsterdam, but could also stand for autism, Zoë suggests. Greenaway’s boundless creativity, unconstrained flow of words and passion for collecting certainly bring this to mind, and he admits to wearing the label with pride. The playful conversations don’t shy away from more painful topics; we hear that Greenaway hasn’t seen two of his children for years. And later, heartbroken and in tears, Zoë asks him if for once he’ll stop talking like a commentator. Zoë’s spontaneous questions penetrate Greenaway to the core, enabling his wife, multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke, to make a deeply personal portrait not only of the artist, but also of Greenaway the father in his battle against time.



    Ruzbeh Babol
    Sander Snoep
    Saskia Boddeke
    Gys Zevenbergen
    Saskia Boddeke

    Saskia Boddeke


    Saskia Boddeke, born in Castricum, is an innovative Dutch multimedia artist and director. From 1986, after finishing her education as director in Amsterdam, Saskia Boddeke worked at the Netherlands Opera on many opera productions with artists like Dario Fo, Peter Stein and Pierre Audi. Over the last 21 years she developed a language embracing the use of multiple screen projections, sophisticated computer programming and visual phenomenon like Second Life. Saskia Boddeke connects animated audio-visual avatars with live actors within a stage presence which combines the physical with the electronic. Her multimedia installations and performances are shown around the world, from New York to Adelaide. Saskia’s installations are immersive experiences, she surrounds the visitors with projections, sounds, light, smells and art objects, like Obedience in 2015 an installation in 15 rooms at the Jewish Museum of Berlin and the opera Giovanna d'Arco at the Teatro Farnese at the Verdi Festival of Parma. Saskia has received numerous awards for her exhibitions.