The House

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    The House

    La Maison

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    72 min

    • French


    The house referenced in the title is an old building, whose past splendour is recognisable despite the apparent lack of upkeep. This enormous house, in the middle of the forest, was a health cure site that Casanova and Voltaire apparently visited in their time. The spring was blocked and Nestlé, which was using it, closed the house. Today, an ageing man lives there, on the margins of society. But this is not only the residence of one man: there is a whole little community that occupies it, following the rhythm of the seasons, devising perpetual renovation projects or improvising a piano recital in a workshop… Mali Arun is not interested in tracing the description of the premises and how they work, things to which she nonetheless attaches great importance and captures in fragments without revealing their entirety. What she observes is the philosophy that unfolds in this outstanding place. A free and timeless philosophy that seems to have found its home, a living philosophy that has built itself up without an established order, a vibrant philosophy that the filmmaker captures with her unique approach and her presence that delicately slides through these premises.


    • Best Film (Burning Lights) - Visions du Réel



    Mali Arun
    Mali Arun

    Mali Arun


    After studying in schools of fine arts in Brussels, Paris, and Tianjin, China, Mali Arun’s audiovisual work combines the world of cinema with contemporary art. Floating between fiction, documentary film and installation, her work examines the space along edges, in motion, and in conflicts. It examines the way in which humans transform space and landscape into territory by building homes on it, corridors for traffic, and borders. She also uses her work to study the body, its geographies, its motions, its desires.