The Hungry Lion

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    The Hungry Lion

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    78 min

    • Japanese


    Hitomi's homeroom tutor is taken away by the police for suspected child prostitution and child pornography. His sex video is leaked and a rumor starts that Hitomi is the girl in the video. She can’t believe anyone would fall for such a lie, but it spreads like wildfire and Hitomi kills herself. The arrest of a teacher and the suicide of his student is easy prey for the media and reporting intensifies, creating a false image of Hitomi. The film portrays the inherent brutality in videos and other media, and brings to light our darkest desires as we consume such materials. These 78 minutes are a stark reminder that we live in the golden era of fake news across the world.



    Urara Matsubayashi
    Atomu Mizuishi
    Mariko Tsutsui
    Tomomi Sugai
    Nanami Hidaka
    Sakiko Kato
    Miku Uehara
    Daikichi Sugawara
    Toshimitsu Kokido
    Yumi Endo
    Makoto Shinada
    Naoto Takenaka
    Kenichi Negishi


    This film criticizes the power of fake news in Japan's society where the law of silence is a golden rule.

    Philippe Prieur, Ciné-Asie

    Takaomi Ogata

    Takaomi Ogata


    Born in Fukuoka in 1981. After he left the company at 25, he started making films and continues to pose questions through incisive films that highlight social issues from his own viewpoint and insights. He traveled overseas extensively, then moved to Tokyo in order to pursue film, which had been his passion since a young age. In 2009, he began producing movies. His first feature film NEVER ENDING BLUE was the runner-up for the grand prize at the Okinawa Film Festival, and was released in theaters in June 2011. His second film BODY TEMPERATURE was nominated for the Competition Selection two years in a row at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. The film was shown at six film festivals in Japan and overseas, including the Raindance Film Festival and Fantastic Fest in Texas, which is operated by Tim League, who served as a judge at Yubari. His film THE HUNGRY LION premiered at Tokyo IFF.