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The Interval

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The Interval (L'intervallo)

Directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo

  • Italy 2012; 84 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Drama
    • FIPRESCI Award, Pasinetti Award, CICT-UNESCO Enrico Fulchignoni Award, FEDIC Award, Magic Lantern Award, AIF-FORFILMFEST Award, UK-Italy Creative Industries Award - Venice IFF

  • From the director of THE INTRUDER presented at Venice Gap Financing Market


A boy and a girl are locked in an enormous abandoned building in a rundown area. She is a prisoner and the local clan leader has forced him to be her warder. Despite their youth, both of them have grown up too fast. Veronica acts like a mature and open-minded woman whilst Salvatore is like a man who wants to hold on to his job and lead a quiet life. Thus, when faced with the violence of this incarceration, the two young people have different reactions: Veronica is restless and rebellious; Salvatore is more remissive and accommodating, either out of fear or realism. They are both victims but it is almost as though each blames the other for their reclusion. However, as the hours go by, their mutual hostility is transformed into an inevitable intimacy, consisting of reciprocal discoveries and confessions. Between the walls of that isolated and frightening place, Veronica and Salvatore find a way to rekindle those adolescent dreams and ideas put aside too soon. Thus the two of them enjoy a break from their prematurely adult lives and in the end are tempted to transform their imaginary escape into a real one before the gang presents Veronica with its verdict.

Director's Statement

L’INTERVALLO is my first “fictional” work as up till now I have made documentaries. However, my curiosity about reality as an immeasurable source of inspiration remained intact in this film, as did my faith in its infinite narrative possibilities. I began this film in the same way as a documentary in order to observe and listen. I did this in order to tell a story about young people in which the adults are nonexistent or are out of the picture, seen as a threat or as the bringers of rules and regulations to be respected. In this case they are the rules the camorra uses to threaten and put pressure on people. They are the rules that the people who continue to live in Naples have to contend with to various degrees.






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