The Island

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    The Island

    La isla

    Directed by

    Chile, Poland, Denmark


    30 min

    • Spanish

    Drama, Short

    Valdivia IFF

    A group of people gather for a family reunion in a house on an isolated island. They are waiting for the last person to join them, but as the evening arrives and he doesn’t arrive, a strange anxiety overwhelms them. The group dismantles and the family members wander away from the house separately, confronting the sea and an unspoken fear that slowly consumes them.


    • Canon Tiger Award - IFF Rotterdam


    Rosa García-Huidobro
    Francisca Castillo
    Gabriela Aguilera
    Niles Atallah
    Carmen Couve
    Dominga Sotomayor
    Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
    Inti Briones
    Catalina Marín
    Dominga Sotomayor

    Dominga Sotomayor


    I am interested in working with stories that are close to me; making fiction grow out of the empty spaces of my memory as a way to complete it.

    Dominga Sotomayor was born in Santiago de Chile in 1985. She directed the short films CESSNA (2005); NOVIEMBRE (2007); DEBAJO (2007); LA MONTAÑA (2008) and VIDEOJUEGO (2009), which have taken part in and received awards at several international film festivals. Her first feature film, DE JUEVES A DOMINGO, was developed at Cannes’ Cinéfondation Résidence, received Hubert Bals Fund script and development support and premiered at the 2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it won the Hivos Tiger Award, before going on to win awards at IndieLisboa (Best Film); New Horizons (Gran Prix Best Film); Valdivia Film Festival (Best Film) and many others. The film has been released in countries worldwide. Her second feature-film project, TARDE PARA MORIR JOVEN, participated in the Binger Filmlab and Jerusalem International Film Lab programmes and received support from the Sundance Institute and the Hubert Bals Fund. Sotomayor has also participated in exhibitions in Santiago de Chile and London (Tate Modern) with video pieces and installations. LOS BARCOS (2016) was selected at IFF Rotterdam and IndieLisboa.

    Selected Filmography

    Katarzyna Klimkiewicz

    Katarzyna Klimkiewicz


    Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (1977, Poland) was educated in film in Lodz and was a student at the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam. She is also a member of the European Film Academy. Her documentary WASSERSLACHT - THE GREAT BORDER BATTLE, co-directed with Andrew Friedman, received the Berlin Today Award in Berlinale 2007. She is a European Film Award winner for Best Short Film in 2010 for HANOI-WARSAW. In 2012, Klimkiewics made her first feature film FLYING BLIND that was nominated in the Edinhburgh International Film Festival for a Michael Powell Award and later awarded three Polish prizes. Kasia is also one of the people running the Film 1,2 Association, which supports young filmmakers in Poland.