The Jarariju Sisters

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The Jarariju Sisters (Sœurs Jarariju)

Directed by Jorge Cadena

  • Switzerland 2018; 20 min
  • Original version: Wayuunaiki
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special mention (International Jury Generation 14plus) - Berlin Generation
    • Special Mention - Molodist Kyiv IFF


Viviana and Yandris weave red and yellow yarn into bags. In the distance we hear the hammering of machines, the wail of sirens and the thunder of explosions. The depleted, dead earth has a metallic silvery gleam. The Wayuu sisters live on the edge of a coal mine in northern Colombia. Employing an ancient ritual, their grandmother prepares girls for the traditional role as a wife, but their father wants the girls to leave this ruined homeland.