The Land of Silence

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    The Land of Silence

    En la estancia

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    106 min

    • Spanish


    Feature film about a documentary maker who begins a sinister friendship with his reclusive subject in the largely depopulated Mexican outback. Narcissist meets profiteer, against a stunning Western backdrop. Engaging solo debut by co-director of TORO NEGRO (IFFR 2006). In 2006, Carlos Armella made his co-directing debut with TORO NEGRO, an impressive docu portrait that undoubtedly was the inspiration for his own first feature. In the ominous THE VOICES, Armella asks what can happen to the main character of a documentary once their filmic purpose has been served. Filmmaker Sebastian makes the reverse journey from Mexico City that almost all of the inhabitants of the deserted, dusty hamlet La Estancia have made. Searching for inspiration (and a better life?), he comes across the two sole remaining residents: the aged Don Jesús Vallejo and his son Juan Diego. Fascinated by their isolated lives and Juan Diego’s absolute loneliness, Sebastian starts to film. The improbable but intense friendship that arises between them is rudely disrupted when Sebastian goes back to the city - but he promises to return. Years later, he keeps his word, and although Juan Diego seems nowhere to be found, their close bond still reverberates in the hamlet.



    Gilberto Barraza
    Waldo Facco
    Jesús Vallejo
    Natalia Gatto
    Carlos Armella
    Diego Rodríguez
    Carlos Armella
    Carlos Mier
    Carlos Armella

    Carlos Armella


    Carlos ARMELLA (1978, Mexico City, Mexico) studied scriptwriting at the Centro de Capacitatión Cinematográfica in Coyoacán, Mexico, and filmmaking at the London Film School. In 2006 he directed his documentary debut TORO NEGRO, together with Pedro González-Rubio. The short that followed, TIERRA Y PAN, won the Golden Lion for best short film in Venice. THE LAND OF SILENCE is his first feature film. Armella works in Mexico as a director for TV documentaries and commercials.

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