The Last Fight

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    The Last Fight

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    75 min

    • Dutch


    Marloes Coenen is in her mid-thirties when she decides to hang up her boxing gloves. Together with her coach Martijn de Jong and partner Roemer Trompert, she plans out the final phase of her impressive career as a mixed martial arts fighter. Director Victor Vroegindeweij follows her over these months using his characteristic style that combines a sense of space with intimacy—the big picture next to the unexpected detail. He shows Coenen’s efforts as she approaches the finale. Will it be triumph or defeat? How much will she need to sacrifice? What exactly is going on behind that delicately featured yet intense face? During private training sessions, Coenen can express her nervousness, pains and doubts. In contrast, her public appearances in the ring exhibit tightly-braided hair, shiny abs and rushing adrenaline. Accompanying the choreography of kicking, hitting, wrestling, evading and scoring points, a voiceover reflects on the essence of fighting.



    Victor Vroegindeweij
    Mick van Dantzig
    Patrick Schonewille
    Tim Roza
    Victor  Vroegindeweij

    Victor Vroegindeweij


    Victor Vroegindeweij is an award winning documentary film director from the Netherlands. He specialises in documentary film and advertising. His award winning productions include feature films, television and commercial films. He focusses on architecture, design and the 'human experience'. Victor is an expert in both the documentary genre, commercials and corporate films. A skilled interviewer and a fun bloke. His award winning productions include feature films, television and commercial films. He focusses on the 'human experience' and is interested in the strategies people create to deal with the 'problem of life'. He believes that all human activity, whether it’s our work or family, our career or our obsessions for food, our love for art or the relentless pursuit of happiness, they are all strategies we develop to forget that life is senseless and that we are all mortal.