The Last Man on Earth
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    The Last Man on Earth

    L'Ultimo Terrestre

    Directed by



    100 min

    • Italian

    Drama, Sci-fi

    Venice IFF - Competition

    The story unfolds during the week prior to the arrival of aliens on the Earth. An arrival announced by the world’s governments. Late fringe news which doesn’t interest anyone. On arrival the aliens find a nation which is tired and disillusioned, steeped in economic crisis. The reaction caused by the arrival of these extra-terrestrials ranges from racism to bizarre mystic-religious interpretations. This is the setting which hosts the story. The film, however, is not about the population. It follows the life of Luca Bertacci; a man with huge relational problems. After being abandoned by his mother when he was very young, he grew up hating women. Diffident, but above all, devoid of emotions. The presence of the extra-terrestrials changes everything. The arrival of these aliens is so like the “final judgement“ and yet, by the end of the film it’s almost impossible not to believe that they came to Earth just for him. Like a gift.


    • Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award, Pasinetti Award- Special Mention, Venice IFF


    Anna Bellato
    Teco Celio
    Ugo De Cesare
    Gian Alfonso Pacinotti
    Giacomo Monti
    Vladan Radovic
    Clelio Benevento
    Valerio Vigliar

    Director's Statement

    I have always believed that in order to faithfully portray reality you are obliged to betray it completely. I am also convinced that it is almost impossible to describe the contemporary by presenting what is contemporary, given that mutation happens so rapidly that anything “today“ soon becomes “yesterday“ even before you’ve put pen to paper. To avoid this trap I have set my story in the future. Just a few years in the future. Let’s say three years. No more. An “Italy post-Italy“ which allows us to toy with imagining the total, extreme derailment that society could experience. This is my goal.



    An effective, even touching helming debut of comicbook artist Gianni Pacinotti.

    Boyd Van Hoeij, Variety




    Gipi, the pseudonym of Gian Alfonso Pacinotti (Pisa, Italy 1963), cartoonist and director, began publishing cartoons and short stories in 1994, collaborating with the satirical magazine “Cuore” and with the monthly magazine “Blue.” He has published various books with Coconino Press, including Esterno notte; Appunti per una storia di guerra, which was awarded best comic strip of the year at the Angoulême International Festival in 2006; and the famous LMVDM. La mia vita disegnata male. An illustrator for the daily “La Repubblica,” the author of “dubious comic strips” for the weekly “Internazionale,” editor of a blog which publishes “idiotic shorts,” he debuted as a film director in 2011 with L’ULTIMO TERRESTRE, which competed at the Venice Film Festival.

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