The Last Savage

The Last Savage

Directed by Liam O'Donnell

  • USA, France, Indonesia;
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Action

  • BEYOND SKYLINE - TRAILER previous work of director Liam O'Donnell, available for screening on Festival Scope

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A cataclysmic flood leaves a boy stranded on a remote island where he’s raised by a family of tigers into Buas, a lethal savage. But Peyton, a high-tech hunter arrives and kills his adopted family before bringing the captured Buas to The Rig, an overpopulated steel island built atop drowned skyscrapers. There, Buas is forced to fight against surgically enhanced gladiators in a deadly arena. Trained by Carver, a legendary warrior gone rogue, and Mel, a brash street racer, Buas must navigate the post-apocalyptic underworld to gain his freedom, get his revenge, and ultimately secure the future of mankind’s survival.

Director's Statement

While filming Beyond Skyline in Indonesia, I was incredibly inspired by the fierce spirit of its people and the fight to preserve its unique wildlife and habitats. The result is The Last Savage, a cinematic love letter to the pulp adventures of Tarzan, the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max, and the vicious beauty of the martial art Silat. My goal is to synthethize these influences into a riveting adventure with heart that explores the depths and endurance of the human spirit. It is my greatest hope that the character of Buas becomes an international action icon for years to come.