The Law of White Spaces

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The Law of White Spaces (La Legge degli Spazi Bianchi)

Directed by Mauro Caputo

  • Italy 2019; 61 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Drama


The message is all in the white spaces between one letter and the next: the rest doesn't matter. One cold winter morning, Dr. Fleischmann realizes he is starting to lose his memory. So begins a morality tale, in a dream-like state in which truth and fiction become entangled and lose their contours. The main character, a scientist, is reluctantly drawn into a world - his disease - in which mysterious bonds prevail: those between fate and the biological and physiological criteria that regulate existence.

Director's Statement

The Law of White Spaces represents the end of that idiosyncratic journey undertaken by Giorgio Pressburger. It's an arduous journey since it's unconventional. The film is based on Giorgio's story of the same name, in which he once more analyzes the deepest mysteries that have always fascinated and frightened human beings in their eternal search for the meaning of life. The idea was different from the start for the author, and I championed it from the beginning, unfortunately just before Giorgio's death. Those initial prompts allowed me to finish the project just the way we had imagined it together.






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