The Long Haul: The Story of the Buckaroos

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    The Long Haul: The Story of the Buckaroos

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    84 min

    Interactive Documentary

    These are "The Buckaroos," a group of six self-described "average Joes" representing a wide range of male body types, from long and lean to potbelly to the en vogue "dad bod" look. The all-male revue, performed every summer at The Triple Door in Seattle, is a comedic twist on the famed Chippendales-style troupes reimagined as a Western-style variety show, complete with hay bales, cowboy hats, lube, sequined thongs, and little else. A project four years in the making, The Long Haul captures the live, interactive theatrical experience that began in 2014 as the brainchild of Chris Pink and Jon Bechtel, owners of Seattle's Can Can Culinary Cabaret. But the documentary also delves into the quieter personal lives of the Buckaroos and explores the surreal paths that compelled each of them to cavort onstage wearing only rubber ducks over their genitals.



    John Betchtel
    Keon Price
    Erik Cargill
    Josh Palmer
    Jonathan Houser
    Kaleb Kerr
    Tony Tibbetts
    Derek Edamura
    Amy Enser
    Amy Enser

    Amy Enser


    Amy is an internationally recognized editor, providing personalized and professional editing services that span a wide array of genres. For more than a decade, Amy has pursued compelling storytelling through the power of documentary film. From racially-charged educational experiments in the ‘60s to social stigmas around our homeless populations, Amy has a gift for finding the heart of a story and revealing inspiring human moments. After working independently as a documentary editor for many years, Amy joined new media company Studio, 216 as their Creative Director in 2011. Relying on her strong story focus, Amy engaged clients to help develop and realize their visions with broad audiences in mind. Clients included Starbucks, Blue Nile Jewelers, NOAA Fisheries, American Institute of Architects, and Microsoft. While with Studio 216, Amy won three Telly Awards and the Washington State SHPO Award for achievement in historical preservation. After receiving a film fellowship from Seattle University and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2014 to direct a short documentary, Amy decided to dedicate more of her time to independent documentary work, focusing both on shooting and directing. She recently finished the feature documentary, GOLD BALLS, about Ultra Senior Tennis players who compete over the age of 80, which premiered at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival. Her first feature as a cinematographer, DYNA DOES DRESSAGE, will be released in 2018. Amy’s collaborations have lead to two Emmy nominations, multiple Telly Awards, International recognition, and national public broadcast. Amy received a BA from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 2002. She has taught high school documentary internship programs, speaks on many panels and instructed editing at the accredited Seattle Film Institute.