The Lord’s Ride

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The Lord’s Ride (La BM du seigneur)

Directed by Jean-Charles Hue

  • France 2010; 84 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special mention, IndieLisboa


For the Yeniche, a traveller community, respect for elders and religious fervour go hand in hand with vandalism. Fred Dorkel is one of them: feared and revered by his own people, he makes a living from stealing cars. One night, his life totally changes when an angel appears to him. For Fred, it is the sign of a second chance that he must seize. He decides to go straight, but this choice brings him into conflict with his family…

Director's Statement

One night it seemed obvious to me that if God wanted to visit us, we the poor Bohemians, it could only happen if he came in one of those big cars that professional thieves use for their solidity and their reliability. Because they place their lives and their fears on the altar of these vessels which slip through the night and brave the tempests of an urban odyssey, not only.




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