The Magic Life of V

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The Magic Life of V (Veeran elämä)

Directed by Tonislav Hristov

  • Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria 2019; 97 min
  • Original version: Finnish
  • Genre: Documentary


A creative documentary about a young lady using the magic of LARPing (live-role-playing) in order to cope with her family problems. Haunted by her childhood traumas she is trying to help her mentally disabled brother to become more independent through live-role-playing. As she guides the brother through the world of multiple roles and identities, witches and wizards and medieval knights, she finally finds the courage to face the demons of her own past; namely their abusive father.
At the core of the film is Veera, 25, a young lady who’s trying to find the courage to face the demons of her past. She has not been able to face her abusive father for 14 years. The father was a heavy drinker who abused his wife and children both mentally and physically until his wife kicked him out. Veera has a brother Ville, 29, who's mentally disabled. Ville does meet the father occasionally and they have started to drink together. Ville also gets bullied by people who do not understand that he's disabled.
Veera decides to help her brother by introducing him to LARPing. Most of all, she decides to use the magic of live-role-playing and find the courage to vanquish her demons; to meet and confront their father.








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