The Magic Mountain

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    The Magic Mountain

    La Montagne magique

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    64 min

    • French


    Underneath the Earth, a light is calling us. There is no other choice but to give ourselves over to it. In the mythical and forgotten mine of Potosi, we re-enact the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. We magically meander through the maze of a mine which is about to collapse, as we aim to meet the unexpected, Tarzan, and the Devil. This is a raw experience of the entrails of the Earth.


    • Georges de Beauregard National Prize, Institut Français Award - FID Marseille



    Andrei Schtakleff
    Alexandra Melot
    Andrei Schtakleff
    Qutaiba Barhamji

    Director's Statement

    THE MAGICAL MOUNTAIN takes us through a sensory and mystical experience, an immersion in the labyrinth of a mountain, next to the miners of Potosi and the reality of their daily life. Guided by the light of torch lamps, we watch what the miners see. Nothing more, nothing less. As spectators, our bearings are constantly questioned. Our senses are awoken: Where are we? Whom are we with? What is happening? With our eyes constantly solicited, we manage to find answers, up until the point when we realize that we have once again lost our bearings.

    Andreï Schtakleff

    Andreï Schtakleff


    In 2008, Andreï Schtakleff co-directed, with Jonathan Le Fourn, the documentary THE EXILE AND THE KINGDOM, which was filmed in Sangatte. The film followed not so much the exiles themselves as it did the men and women - witnesses, guards, and figures of resistance - who affiliate with and surround the exiles. The film was selected at various international film festivals, including Orizzonti in Venice FF, Cinéma du Réel, IndieLisboa, and EntreVues in 2009. His second documentary is THE MAGICAL MOUNTAIN. He is currently in the process of directing the documentary DETROITERS.