The Market

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The Market (Iewduh)

Directed by Pradip Kurbah

  • India 2018; 94 min
  • Original version: Khasi
  • Genre: Fiction


Iewduh is based on the market by the same name, one of the liveliest markets of North East India. Probably everybody knows what a market looks like. They know the lanes, the shops, the shopkeepers look like. But beyond the surface these everyday people, the common faces, the unheroic stories also have their special moments. In every lane there are new stories. In Iewduh people from different communities and religion work and they co-exist. And today centuries later, Iewduh stands tall and witness to a lot of history. With scars and colors and freshness and stench, this is the real world of Iewduh, where fairy tales do happen. Iewduh the film is about everyday people, with everyday stories, not dignified as heroes, but nevertheless people who make their lives of each other better. In every lane of Iewduh is an untold story. The struggle, the hope to give a life not just to themselves, but also to those that they love, those that they care for. In Iewduh when reason ends, relationships begin. Mike, the protagonist grows up in Iewduh, makes a life and family for himself. In his journey he is joined by Hep who is just a child when he comes to Iewduh in search of his mother who has left home. He strives to put his past behind and chooses education for a better life. The two develop an unusual bond and are joined by others in their journey of struggles, love, and sorrow.



    Pradip Kurbah