The Marriage

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    The Marriage

    Directed by

    Kosovo, Albania


    97 min

    • Albanian


    Bekim is with his fiancée Anita at a disturbing gathering, the recognition of human remains from a mass grave. Anita’s parents have been missing since the 1999 Kosovar War, and to this date, she still has no information or confirmation of their deaths. Any news would be a relief for the couple as their wedding is just two weeks away. On top of that, they also have to face Bekim’s strict and controlling family.Back in Prishtina, they unexpectedly meet Nol, a musician who is living in France. He was Bekim’s closest friend during wartime and they haven’t seen each other for two years. After an awkward introduction with Anita they end up spending the night drinking. Bekim slowly starts spending more and more time with Nol. This partnership has a negative effect on his behaviour, making him nervous and aggressive.Nol, who in reality is Bekim’s secret ex-lover, will reveal that he is still in love with him. As the wedding day approaches, more secrets start to rise to the surface.


    • Special Jury Prize for the Ensemble of Cast, FIPRESCI Award - Tallinn Black Nights IFF
    • Kosovo's Submission for the 91st Academy Awards


    Labels & Line Ups


    Alban Ukaj
    Adriana Matoshi
    Genc Salihu
    Keka Kreshnik Berisha
    Blerta Zeqiri
    Sevdije Kastrati
    Kreshnik Keka Berisha


    From short films to her first feature film, we find that the director has now composed a fully-fledged relationship drama about our longing for love whatever the sexual orientation may be (...) Vigourously and authentically set in a Kosovar and Albanian cinema tradition, the film seems like a manifestation for love between human beings, without the parade.

    The Fipresci Jury

    It is one of the more impressive European feature debuts of the year.


    Blerta Zeqiri

    Blerta Zeqiri


    The reason why I make films is to communicate my ideas and feelings to others.

    Blerta Zeqiri (b. 1979) is an award-winning Kosovar director and scriptwriter. She's worked on a number of shorts and feature films, which have participated in many international festivals, among them Oberhausen, Telluride, Palm Springs, the Hamptons, and Sundance. She works and lives in Prishtina, Kosovo. THE MARRIAGE is her first full-length feature.