The Massacre of Anröchte
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    The Massacre of Anröchte

    Das Massaker von Anröchte

    Directed by



    63 min

    • German


    The film begins with a massacre: Hun horsemen storm the small town of Anröchte, beheading people at random. The next day detective inspector Konka arrives with his assistant Walter to investigate. At first the mayor claims to know nothing about the murders. Anröchte is a tourist attraction and he does not want its reputation ruined. Witnesses point to a weekly event among local youth. A lot of arrests are made, but there is no sign of the Huns. Not even the forensic team in Dortmund can help. A suspect detained by police in Anröchte confesses, but it is obviously a put-up job. A little later he is found dead – again with his head chopped off. The clues lead nowhere. Konka’s attempt to establish a motive fails. He realizes that in a world where murder is indiscriminate and meaningless, motives are a distraction. The point is to arrest the culprit. Konka and Walter set off. An absurd crime story. A black comedy.



    Hendrik Arnst
    Julian Sark
    Max Bretschneider
    Wolfram Lotz
    Jesse Mazuch
    Hannah Dörr
    Anton Weil

    Director's Statement

    I fell immediately for “The Massacre of Anröchte”, Wolfram Lotz’s satirical take on a small German town. The first time I read it, I kept laughing out loud at the absurd scenes and sharp dialogue. Soon afterwards, when I found myself by chance in Oberhausen and learned about the absurdities of the Ruhr area (the perpetual costs of mining, Europe’s (once) largest shopping center in Germany’s poorest region, and so on), I knew I had found my location. I was fascinated by the different street façades, which tell of past ages, of designs for urban life and society. Between industrial buildings, highways, and closed shops, I hunted for answers to Walter’s key questions: Where does evil come from? How do we live in a world that is just a point in time? On my quest I met people who touched me with their honesty and then accompanied me along the way. With a troupe of professional and amateur actors from Oberhausen (including the inclusive theater collective Blindflug), we explored the absurd reality of everyday life in the Ruhr area without losing sight of the (often black) humor.

    Hannah Dörr

    Hannah Dörr


    Hannah Doerr, born 1990 in Berlin, is a film director for fictional movies. She received her diploma in 2016 at the Media School of the Arts Cologne (KHM). The same year she also received the Young-Talent-Award of North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany and became the CEO of the film production company öFilm. Her short movies won several prices and were shown on international festivals. In 2019 she was nominated for the Grimme-Price together with Stefan Eisenburger, Janina und Carina Mergens for a full-length documentary. Next to her own films, Hannah Doerr works as a freelance video artists for various theatre productions f.e. at Oper Zurich, Theatre Basel, Volksbühne Berlin and is the curator of the film serie “TheatralFilm”. Her latest film is THE MASSACRE OF ANROCHTE (2021).