The Mayor of Rione Sanità

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    The Mayor of Rione Sanità

    Il sindaco del rione Sanità

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    118 min

    • Italian


    Antonio Barracano, a uomo d’onore who is able to distinguish between decent people and swine, is The Mayor of the Rione Sanità. With his charismatic influence and the help of his friend the doctor he dispenses justice according to his own lights, outside the law and with impartiality. Those who are good go to Heaven and those who are not go to Don Antonio, that is the rule. When Rafiluccio Santaniello, the baker’s son, presents himself in desperation, determined to kill his father, Don Antonio recognises in the young man the same thirst for revenge that had obsessed him in his youth and then changed him forever. The Mayor decides to intervene to reconcile father and son and save them both. Eduardo De Filippo’s play Il Sindaco del Rione Sanità has been turned into a movie of great topicality, able to speak of the eternal struggle between good and evil.


    • Leoncino d'Oro Award, Francesco Pasinetti Award for Best Film, Best Actors (Francesco Di Leva and Massimiliano Gallo), La Pellicola d'Oro Award for Best Head Electrician (Ettore Abate) - Venice IFF


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    Francesco Di Leva
    Massimiliano Gallo
    Roberto De Francesco
    Adriano Pantaleo
    Daniela Ioia
    Giuseppe Gaudino
    Mario Martone
    Ippolita di Majo
    Ferran Paredes Rubio
    Jacopo Quadri
    Ralph P

    Director's Statement

    Eduardo De Filippo’s Mayor, Antonio Barracano, is seventy-five years old, mine is half that. Such a marked shift in the age of the protagonist allows Eduardo’s great script to be put to the test of the contemporary world (nowadays the bosses of the Camorra are very young) and read from a new perspective. Don’t expect the illusions of the old Barracano, born in the nineteenth century, which still allowed him to mark out moral boundaries: here what emerges is a ferocious, ambiguous and sorrowful humanity, in which good and evil confront one another in every character and the two cities of which people have always spoken in Naples (the law-abiding and the criminal) take each other on in a surprising match.



    Mario Martone

    Mario Martone


    Mario Martone (born 20 November 1959) is an Italian film director and screenwriter. He has directed 15 films since 1985. His debut feature MORTE DI UN MATEMATICO NAPOLETANO screened at the Festival and won the Grand Special Jury Prize at Venice in 1992. His film L'AMORE MOLESTO was selected to be part of the Cannes Film Festival in 1995. His 2010 film NOI CREDEVAMO competed for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. He was also the stage director for Lorenzo Ferrero's opera Charlotte Corday, which was premiered at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma on 21 February, 1989. LEOPARDI, has been selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 71st Venice International Film Festival in 2014. In 2019, it is THE MAYOR OF RIONE SANITÀ that enters the competition.

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