The Miracle of Tekir

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    The Miracle of Tekir

    Miracolul Din Tekir

    Directed by

    Romania, Switzerland


    90 min

    • Romanian


    Unmarried Mara has mysteriously fallen pregnant. This poses a problem for her fellow residents of the small fishing village on the Danube delta, where Europe’s second longest river enters the Black Sea, and religion mixes with superstition like earth with water. Expelled from her village, Mara finds employment at the nearby spa hotel ‘Europe’, where infertile women are treated with the sacred Danube mud. When her world collides with that of the well-to-do, eccentric cosmopolitan Lili, magic combines with power and tradition with modernity to become the answer to Lili’s desire to have children – and Mara’s ‘immaculate’ conception.


    • Emerging Swiss Talent Award - Zurich FF



    Dorotheea Petre
    Elina Löwensohn
    Bogdan Dumitrache
    George Pistereanu
    Ruxandra Zenide
    Alexandre Iordachescu
    Hélène Louvart
    Nelly Quettier
    Aïcha Devi

    Director's Statement

    The story takes place at the margins of Europe, where East meets West through the wild, indomitable lands, with small comunities, with fewer and fewer people, left behind by the youngsters going to the immediate vicinity where modern civilization flourishes replacing tradition with technology and the occidental pragmatism. This clash is symbolically represented in my film through the two main female characters, which are diametrically opposed to one another in terms of their relationship with life and motherhood. Their meeting also raises the questions of personal identity in the context of exile, culture and personal values that are being learned and passed on through different generations. In my opinion, this film, beyond its social and ethnical issues that it brings to the table, reaches to something deeper in each of us. The lead character’s journey in the seeking of self becomes an adventure beyond the limits of reason, in an unusual place, where even modern world as we know it seems strange.

    Ruxandra Zenide

    Ruxandra Zenide


    Ruxandra Zenide studied film directing at the New York University (U.S.A.) and at FAMU Prague (Czech Republic). With a Master’s Degree in International Affairs at the Institut Universitaire des Hautes Etudes Internationales (IUHEI) from Geneva, she is one of the founders of the film production company Elefant Films. Her acclaimed feature, RYNA, was internationally distributed in theatres in USA, Switzerland, Germany and Romania and was highly requested by television buyers and along with her previous shorts, THE HOLE, SHOOT ME, THE WAITING ROOM and DUST and the medium length film GREEN OAKS, had an intense festival life.