The Ontological Cowboy
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    The Ontological Cowboy

    Directed by

    France, USA


    16 min

    • English

    Drama, Experimental, Short

    Theatre is about sex. At least according to Richard Foreman, the father of the Ontological Hysterical Theatre. THE ONTOLOGICAL COWBOY documents Foreman’s invocation of the ‘manifest destiny’ of avant-garde theatre, King Cowboy Rufus strolling down San Juan Hill with a sigh, waving his handkerchief. Foreman plays himself and the cast pantomimes his preoccupations. If the cast and crew suffer alike, it is all for a good cause: the violent rebirth of American theatre, with Foreman as its midwife.


    Richard Foreman
    Juliana Francis
    Tom Ryder Smith and JaySmith
    Marie Losier

    Marie Losier


    Just shoot three-minute snippets of film that you collage together. And that's the way I've always worked

    Marie Losier, born in France in 1972, is a filmmaker and curator working in New York. First, she studied literature at the University of Nanterre (France) and then Fine Arts in New York City. She has made a number of film portraits on avant-garde directors, musicians and composers such as Mike and George Kuchar, Guy Maddin, Richard Foreman, Tony Conrad and Genesis P-Orridge. Whimsical, poetic, dreamlike and unconventional, her films explore the life and work of these artists. Her films are regularly shown at prestigious art and film festivals and museums. Her first feature film is a portrait of the musical genius Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and her band Psychic TV. The work in progress was presented in 2009 at The Centre George Pompidou in April to open “Hors Pistes”, as well as at the Cinemathèque Francaise in Paris in September. In 2011 the completed result of this project, THE BALLAD OF GENESIS AND LADY JAYE, premiered in Berlinale Forum, winning the Teddy Award for Best Documentary and the Calligari Film Prize. Her latest short documentary FELIX IN WONDERLAND (2019) was selected in the Fuori Concorso section at Locarno FF.

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