The Performer

Not available for screening anymore

The Performer (Performer)

Directed by Maciej Sobieszczański, Lukasz Ronduda

  • Poland 2015; 63 min
  • Original version: Polish
  • Genre: Docufiction
    • THINK:FILM Award - Berlin IFF


Oskar Dawicki is one of Poland’s most interesting postconceptual artists. For many years, he has been searching, through his art, for an answer to the question of whether he actually exists. He has carried out a number of projects in which he has allowed others to describe him, e.g., hiring a private detective to follow him and then write a report about him. THE PERFORMER is his latest attempt to answer this fundamental question, and it is also a film about the structure of an exhibition, except that Oscar’s performances are connected by a story or emotions, unlike an exhibition in a gallery, where the connections are found in the space used or in the curatorial discourse. This is a hybrid that adopts the form of a feature film in the style of a biopic of great artists. The directors play with clichés, such as the figure of the romantic artist (in this case Dawicki as himself), the collector (James Gierszał), a gallery owner (Agata Buzek), or a friendly rival (Andrew Chyra). Instead of painting them, however, they are described through performance art.



    Anna Winkler, Agata Trębowicz