The Plan That Came From the Bottom Up - Part 2

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The Plan That Came From the Bottom Up - Part 2

Directed by Steve Sprung

  • United Kingdom 2018; 96 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Documentary


‘It’s an insult to our skills and intelligence that we can produce a Concorde and not enough powerful heaters for all those old-age pensioners who are dying in the cold. A worker at Lucas Aerospace eloquently sums up the core problem of contemporary Western society – one that caters to the interests of a wealthy few. He’s one of the designers of the ambitious strategy proposed by the workforce to shift their company’s assets to manufacture socially-useful products, which was ultimately undermined by both the government and corporate interests.



    Luis Correia, Steve Sprung 


    Sylvia Stevens, Rishi Ghosh-curling, Peter Day