The Preacher

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    The Preacher


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    120 min

    • Arabic


    A seemingly traditional journey of a young sheikh in a governmental mosque who moves from leading prayers to becoming a TV celebrity issuing “fatwas” that are accepted by millions who have become fans of his as a result of his courage and his attempts to deviate from the usual religious rhetoric in a society heavily influenced by fundamentalism. The TV spotlight only shows his eloquent yet sarcastic answers he gives to the callers in a preset scenario, while in the dark and cloudy space around him, bloody struggles for power are raging, struggles he had always tried to avoid. But as Hatem continues his rise, the more he finds temptations and the less he has chances of salvation. Sheikh Hatem finds himself caught in a complex network of conflict, between the partial loss of a son being treated abroad and a wife whose love has grown cold, and security institutions trying to control him and—using his vulnerabilities—exploiting him to serve their interests. Meanwhile, a sovereign entity entangles him in solving a problem for the president, whose son causes the family an embarrassment of such a fragile society can’t handle. “I cannot tell the entire truth, but I do my very best to speak nothing else.” This is what Sheikh Hatem tries to do. Will he be able to create even a small fracture in a thick wall of hypocrisy and fear?...



    Amr Saad
    Ahmed Magdy
    Bayoumi Fouad
    Reham Haggag
    Ahmad Bishari
    Soulafa Noureddin
    Adel Hakki
    Magdy Ahmed Ali

    Magdy Ahmed Ali


    Despite graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Magdy Ahmed Ali was not discouraged to pursue his dream to become a film maker. Therefore, after his graduation, he got enrolled at the Higher Institute of Cinema, and which triggered the start of his career as a filmmaker.
    He worked closely as an assistant director with major Arab Filmmakers such as Muhammad Khan and Khairy Beshara and Youssef Shahine. In 1996, Ali directed his first film YA DUNIA YA GHARAMI which won the best film and best actress awards at the Montreal World Film Festival in 1995 in the competition "A look on Africa”. Since then, he directed many movies which collected international recognition such as HERO (1997), FAWZEYA'S SECRET RECIPE (2008) and A GIRL'S SECRET (2001) which won four awards at the National Film Festival and the Jury Prize at New Delhi International Film Festival, the bronze award at the Valencia Film Festival, the bronze award in Milan Festival, the best film award in Beirut International Film Festival among other awards…
    In 2009, he directed the film THE NILE BIRDS which participated at Cairo International Film Festival in the same year and won the Audience Award and the Golden Dagger at Muscat Film Festival.
    Magdy Ahmed Aly is a director; writer and producer, known for being a master into balancing between artistic excellence and taking into account the public’s taste. MAWLANA is his sixth film as a director since 1996. Ali loved to repeat his successful experiment of together scriptwriting and directing the Movie Mawlana and which is based on the successful novel “Mawlana” written by Ibrahim Issa.