The Rebellion of Red Maria
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    The Rebellion of Red Maria

    I antarsia tis kokkinis Marias

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    95 min


    Mar del Plata IFF Thessaloniki IFF

    In a city - with heavy metal music haunting the heroes and the voice of Maria Callas being heard, an aged man, ex-terrorist, who dresses like a woman, the “red Maria”, lives without any law and is hiding in the social shadows as a prostitute and performer, dancing in the streets, old and out-dated dances, for the passersby who give him money. In the street he meets a young boy, who lives there as a street urchin, at deaths door after a neo-fascists attack. The boy, alcohol addicted, hears the voice of Maria Callas, speaks with the dead diva, with the mother he misses. In overdose he dreams of the perfect world. “Red Maria” saves the boy and teaches him the “job”. In order to survive they invade cafes, giving performances that talk for a new, political God, for the political mistake of God, for the end of the ideology. Their world is magical, poetical. And wild. “Red Maria” teaches the boy how to survive. Together they become the magician of the tribe, the holy fool, the rebel. They live a magical personal revolution. But a number of murders will change “Red Maria” and the boy from ideologists, into serial killers.


    Antonis Papadopoulos
    Christos Vernikos
    Triandafyllia Dimitriadi
    Costas Zapas
    Costas Zapas
    Loucas Touliatos
    Alexandros Spanidis
    Asimakis Reppas


    the most explosive vein of the brilliant new wave of Greek cinema

    Diego Trerotola, Pagina/12

    foresees today’s social unrest.

    Pastora Campos, Mar del Plata IFF

    Costas Zapas

    Costas Zapas


    I do not believe in form. I believe in meanings, because that is what makes a film alive.

    Cineuropa named him as «one of the most outstanding directors of contemporary auteur cinema», The Guardian as «one of the main protagonists of the burgeoning Greek new cinema wave» and L’Humanite as “the Greek exception”. He's known for UNCUT FAMILY (2004), THE LAST PORN MOVIE (2006), MINOR FREEDOMS (2008)- financed and coproduced by Lars von Trier’s production company Zentropa -, THE REBELLION OF RED MARIA (2011)and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (2016). All of them have screend at various major international film festivals to excellent reviews and have been released outside Greece.

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