The Reformer. Zwingli – A Life's Portrait

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The Reformer. Zwingli – A Life's Portrait (Zwingli – Der Reformator)

Directed by Stefan Haupt

  • Switzerland 2019; 123 min
  • Original version: Swiss German
  • Genre: Historical, Drama, Biographic


His life’s work made him world famous: within a few years, Huldrych Zwingli, the main proponent of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland, turned the entire city of Zurich and a firmly established canon of values upside down. With razor-sharp intellect, he dissected the religious and social system, denounced abuses and was not afraid of taking issue with the most powerful people of his time. In the end, he died, the opponent of war in a war he himself had endorsed.




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    Claudia Rudolph-Hartmann