The Remembered Film

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    The Remembered Film

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    THE REMEMBERED FILM is a double portrait of the striking Château-de-Sacy and its owner, Hermine Demoriane—a singer, writer, performance artist and tightrope walker. In Thornton's film, allusions to domestic scenes in films from Marguerite Duras, Alain Resnais and Chantal Akerman complicate Demoriane’s own performance of domesticity, her evocation of previous performances and maintenance of the château as an artwork in itself.



    Hermine Demoriane
    Jean-Louis Schuller
    Sam Blair
    Vicki Thornton

    Vicki Thornton

    United Kingdom

    Vicki Thornton is an artist filmmaker working between the cinema and the gallery. Her work combines fictional and documentary elements to explore the relationship between site, memory and performance. Her recent project, THE REMEMBERED FILM (2013), was awarded a Celeste Prize for Film & Video. Vicki was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Visual Artists (2015 & 2008), participated in the VISIO - European Workshop on Artists’ Cinema (2012), and awarded the Painter Stainers’ Company Prize for Photography (2011). Her films have been shown in festivals including Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland (upcoming); VIDEOEX, Zurich; Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York; Latitude Festival, Suffolk; AURORA, Norwich and Conflux Festival, New York as well as in numerous gallery exhibitions and screenings nationally and internationally. She received her MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, London in 2011 and was a founding member of CutUp, a collective of artists linked by a shared desire to reorder the urban landscape through intervention and play. Vicki lives and works in London.