The Resurrection of a Bastard

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    The Resurrection of a Bastard

    De wederopstanding van een klootzak

    Directed by



    90 min

    • Dutch

    Comedy drama, Crime

    An old Frisian farmer bent on revenge. A criminal from Amsterdam barely surviving a liquidation. An illegal immigrant with uncertain prospects. Eventually, they meet under an ancient oak tree. Beyond the last town.


    • New Wave Best Actor - Fantastic Fest



    Yorick van Wageningen
    Juda Goslinga
    Goua Robert Grovogui
    Jeroen Willems
    Rian Gerritsen
    René Groothof
    Guido van Driel
    Bas Blokker
    based on a graphic novel by Guido van Driel
    Lennert Hillege
    Alain Dessauvage
    Peter van Laerhoven

    Director's Statement

    The magic realism is new in Dutch cinema. At the same time, the film also contains typically Dutch elements. That singularity is a plus for international viewers; we all watch art house cinema for a glimpse of another part of the world. If the plot is worth it, of course. It was this uniqueness that led to De Noorderlingen's success abroad. Idiosyncrasy is better than trying to work in an international style or copying Hollywood. You can't win that way. Has the graphic novel the film is based on also been translated? Yes, into one other language: Frisian.



    (...) this was a stylish, ambitious work that provided an energetic kick start for the festival.

    Wendy Mitchell, Screen Daily

    Guido van Driel

    Guido van Driel


    Guido van Driel (1962, the Netherlands) has written and drawn many successful graphic novels, of which ‘The Visitors’ has been recently translated into French (as ‘Les visiteurs’). In 2000, Van Driel debuted as a film director with the documentary THIS IS FRANK LAUFER SPEAKING, about an idealist from Amsterdam. In 2006, Van Driel made the well-received GREEN IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COLOUR FOR GRASS, ISN'T IT for TV. His debut film THE RESURRECTION OF A BASTARD, an adaptation of his own graphic novel, was the opening film at the 2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam and won a Golden Calf for Sound Design at the Netherlands Film Festival. His second feature, BLOODY MARIE, was screened at IFFR 2019.

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