The Return of the Dead

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    The Return of the Dead

    El regreso del muerto

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    83 min

    • Spanish


    Tijuana is a city on the border between Mexico and the USA. It is a place where many different hopes meet and also a town transformed into a space of eternal forgetfulness and wait. The protagonist of this third documentary film by Gustavo Gamou represents an allegory for vanishing time and memories. In order to escape from organized crime, which he used to work for, in order to survive, Don Resendo takes the decision of checking out from his own life by staging his death in front of family and friends and then living an anonymous existence without a past, without a history. However, this documentary is not just a story of regrets and redemption; Gamou also depicts for us the elements that surround not only this story but also many other stories of abandonment in Mexico. The director shows a country horrified by violence and its aftermath, which is sometimes rendered invisible or hidden out of the way.


    • Best Film (Ahora México) - FICUNAM
    • Special Mention - Los Cabos IFF



    Gustavo Gamou
    Don Rosendo
    El Abuelisto
    La Abuelista
    Gustavo Gamou
    Yibran Asuad
    Octavio Sierra
    Gabriel López Flores
    Jessy Bulbo
    Julián Pérez Huerta
    Enrique “Trukito” Casasola
    Sonido Gallo Negro
    Emilio Acevedo
    Malabitzia & Platos Voladores


    A hard-hitting look at another facet of Mexico's destructive drug war.

    James Young, Variety

    Gustavo Gamou

    Gustavo Gamou


    All of my shoots have been punk rock.

    Gustavo Gamou (Montevideo, 1977) made his filmmaking career at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, in Mexico. His first documentary film was THE WILD SQUAD (LA PALOMILLA SALVAJE), and it was selected at the Mexico City Contemporary FF. He has developed many film works and obtained various awards, as the Kodak Award for Best Latin American Documentary Film. His documentary GRANICERO premiered at FICUNAM in 2011. This same year he won the Pantalla de Cristal prize for the cultural dissemination of Mexico and for recording the traditions of its people. He has also worked as a production manager on comercials and films. In 2008 Gamou started filming the documentary THE RETURN OF THE DEAD. This project, which was shot on the border of Mexico and the United States, premiered at the Los Cabos IFF in 2013, where it won the Splendor Omnia Work in Progress Award, as well as a Special Mention. In 2015, it was part of the Official Selection at FICUNAM.