The Revolution of the Year

Not available for screening anymore

The Revolution of the Year (A Revolução do Ano)

Directed by Diogo Faggiano

  • Brazil 2014; 82 min
  • Original version: English, Arabic
  • Genre: Documentary


Something got lost between Cairo and Aleppo. How to move forward, if you do not know how you got here? Another look at the Arab Spring and the young people behind it.

Director's Statement

A documentary and a journey that begins at Tahrir Square, passing by a Civil War and ending in the Sinai Desert, "The Revolution of the Year" seems like a peculiar road movie where the road is the actual history of Egypt. The biggest challenge of this project was to find a balanced connection between the transformation of the characters and the transformation of the factual events (in Egypt and in Syria) around Ahmed and Saleh. We can say that the film presents a mosaic of languages: traditional interviews, street protest coverage, war coverage, informal conversations, chants, poems and music. All those different languages have in common the fact of being consequences of a period of social and cultural change. "The Revolution of the Year" is focused on finding the human expression beneath the violence and political turmoil. To reveal the rise of a new generation forged by the Egyptian Revolution, their fears, their contradictions and their hopes.



    Angelo Ravazi, Pedro Arantes