The Ruler

Not available for screening anymore

The Ruler (Khelmtsipe)

Directed by Shalva Shengeli

  • Georgia 2014; 52 min
  • Original version: Georgian
  • Genre: Documentary


"No man-no problem"- a monument to Stalin; the author of these words creates problems for a small village in Georgia. Should the monument to Stalin be left in the nunnery yard? The main question of the film became the cause of a conflict among the population of the village. A nunnery at the 7th century Saviour’s Temple on one side and the leader’s monument on the other. Is co-existence possible? How did the church become a shelter for the leader whose name was associated with a fight against religion? What kind of ideological conflicts are typical for 21st century Georgia? The authors of the film are looking for answers to these questions.



    Nino Chutkerashvili