The Runners

Not available for screening anymore

The Runners (Biegacze)

Directed by Łukasz Borowski

  • Poland 2017; 72 min
  • Original version: Polish
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Flow Digital Cinema Award - Last Stop Trieste


Breathe in, breathe out. The heart is throbbing restlessly. Sore muscles hurt with each move. A challenge beyond human capability. 240 kilometres. 52 hours of continuous struggle against the mountain trail and the limits of the body and mind. Without a moment of sleep. Three runners and their great ambitions, childhood trauma, their search for the meaning of life. Runners is an insight into the depths of human motivation to achieve the unachievable.

Director's Statement

I’ve never been a runner myself. I only took up running to be able to shoot the ultramarathon. What has fascinated me in this strange, exclusive world since the very beginning are the motivations behind the decision to take part in such an extreme, exhausting and possibly dangerous endeavour. Is this still a sport? I kept asking myself in the back of my mind. During the shooting, I got to love the film’s characters and how different they are from one another, how their backgrounds and life stories had led them to decide to participate in a 240-kilometre-long mountain run. THE RUNNERS is not a film about running, although I did my best to capture the finest details of the ultrarunners’ efforts and toil while covering the “killer” route. For me, this film is mostly about becoming oneself, crossing the limitations of one’s own corporeality and healing the wounds of the past.



    Agnieszka Rostropowicz-Rutkowska