The Saint

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The Saint (Šventasis)

Directed by Andrius Blazevicius

  • Lithuania, Poland 2016; 96 min
  • Original version: Lithuanian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Actor New Europe - New Names, Audience Award for Best Lithuanian Actor (Marius Repšys) - Vilnius IFF

  • Warsaw FF
    Nordic Film Days
    Minsk IFF


When the US financial crisis hit the world economy in 2008, even a small village in Lithuania could not escape the waves of recession and unemployment. Vytas is fired from the factory and looks for a new job in order to escape his nagging wife. But job-hunting is not easy. On the first day of a hard-won position, the employers let him go, claiming that hiring him was a mistake. After losing all purpose in life, the only thing left for Vytas is the romance he has with a hairdresser named Marija and his obsession with a videotape of man who claims to have seen Jesus.



    Marija Razgutė