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The Samurai in Autumn

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The Samurai in Autumn (Jesen samuraja)

Directed by Danilo Bećković

  • Serbia 2016; 86 min
  • Original version: Serbian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Film - SOFEST FF

  • From the director of TRIALS OF CHUL presented at Baltic Event


The Samurai in Autumn is a social melodrama with laughs, tears and heartbreaks and lot of fistfights. It's a story of a karate champion who falls from grace after being caught in a doping scandal. He returns to his birthplace, a small town in Serbia and finds redemption by falling in love with a single mother whose son participates in his karate class. Unable to maintain a lifestyle, he secretly enters the underground fighting circuit and risks losing it all.



    Danilo Bećković 

International Sales


    Matthias Angoulvant