The Scarecrows
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    The Scarecrows

    Les épouvantails

    Directed by

    Tunisia, Morocco, Luxembourg


    100 min

    • French
    • Arabic


    January 2014. Zina and Joe, around 20, return to Tunisia from the Syrian front where they were sequestrated and raped. Zina has been separated from her two-month-old child, and Joe, being pregnant, locks herself in mutism and only talks about Syrian horror through her next novel "Raped". Nadia, a lawyer, and Dora, a humanitarian doctor, accompany them in their long and difficult reconstruction; between violence of relatives, hard feedback from social networks, and misery. Nadia, also a lawyer of Driss, 21, persecuted homosexual and expelled from all schools, asks her to help Zina...



    Nour Hajri
    Afef Ben Mahmoud
    Joumene Limam
    Mehdi Hajri
    Sondos Belhassen
    Fatma Ben Saidane
    Noomene Hamda
    Nouri Bouzid
    Hatem Nechi
    Chalya Lacrois
    Seifedine Ben Salem
    Hafedh Laridhi
    Riadh Fehri


    The result is a tough, emotional drama that explores the precarious position someone like Zina finds herself in. 

    Jared Mobarak, The Film Stage

    Nouri Bouzid

    Nouri Bouzid


    Director, screenwriter, Nouri Bouzid was born in 1945 in Sfax, Tunisia. He studied at INSAS (Brussels) in 1968 where he becomes a student of André Delvaux. A leftist activist, Bouzid was imprisoned from 1973 to 1979 for belonging to the leadership of GEAST (the Tunisian Socialist Studies and Action Group). From his encounter with producer Ahmed Attia was born his first feature film, MAN OF ASHES, screened in Cannes in 1986 in the Un Certain Regard section along with his second feature GOLDEN HORSESHOES in 1989 followed by BEZNESS at the Directors' Fortnight in 1992. His short IT IS SHERHERAZADE THEY'RE KILLING part of the collective omnibus film THE GULF WAR... WHAT NEXT? in 1991 and Bent Familia in 1997 were both at the Venice International Film Festival. Director, actor and poet, he has had a distinguished career, winning numerous prizes. In 1994 he participated in founding a film school, EDAC, where he has been teaching since. His latest film THE SCARECROWS (2019) was selected in the Sconfini section of the 76th Venice International Film Festival.