The Scope of Separation

Not available for screening anymore

The Scope of Separation

Directed by Chen Yue

  • China 2017; 71 min
  • Original version: Chinese
  • Genre: Drama


Liu Shidong is a young man who has been cut adrift by the death of his father. He meets Wang Yuzi, a melancholy and introverted girl who shows interest in him right from the start, but Liu decides not to go out with her. A short while later, he meets Soon, who is bubbly and extroverted, and ends up moving in with her. But the story lasts only about a month and for Liu the moment has come to face work and life as an adult. And Uzi, as well.

Director's Statement

This is my first film. Shooting conditions were more difficult. Many details were gradually produced with the shooting. I may have unconsciously looked for a middle position, so that the film is both relaxed and reveals a little sadness, some laughing moments happened to concern those little regrets about life. The protagonist Liu Shidong thinks about emotions in a society in which "everyone talks about money”. The result is a bit embarrassing, but I think people will instinctively find ways to deal with this embarrassment, this process will make us understand our own better.



    Weilin Wang