The Sea Is Behind

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    The Sea Is Behind

    Al Bahr Min Ouaraikoum

    Directed by

    Morocco, France, United Arab Emirates


    86 min

    • Arabic

    Drama, Sci-fi

    Tarik lives in a land without colour, a land where water is contaminated by a strange phenomenon of “water bugs”. Tarik wears make-up and dresses up as a woman. He dances on a cart that is drawn by a dying horse and his father has practically abandoned him. One day, Tarik’s horse Larbi stops in the middle of a procession and refuses to take another step forward. Tarik will have to learn to live again and surrender to the colours of his life, which is the only way to escape the dullness of the world around him.



    Malek Akhmiss
    Hassan Badida
    Mohamed Aouragh
    Yassine Sekal
    Adil Lasri
    Hicham Lasri
    Said Slimani
    Abdessamad Chaouket
    Hicham Lasri

    Hicham Lasri


    I'm not into social Realism nor close to documentary. I am into heavy satire and desaturated violence.

    Hicham Lasri (born Morocco) has written scripts for film-makers such as Nabil Ayouch (WHATEVER LOLA WANTS (2007) and GOD’S HORSES (2012) and Omar Chraîbi and has collaborated with Moroccan director Lahcen Zinoun. He has directed the short films GÉOMETRIE DES REMORDS (2002), LUNATIKA (2005) and ANGELS TERMINAL (2010). THE END (2010) was his first feature. His 2013 feature, THEY ARE THE DOGS won the Muhr Arab Feature Special Jury Prize, Best Actor Award at the Dubai IFF. In 2015, his feature STARVE YOUR DOG screened at Toronto IFF and will have its European premiere at Berlinale Panorama. His most recent film JAHILYA screened at Berlinale Forum 2018.

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