The Sixth Time

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The Sixth Time (Kuudes kerta)

Directed by Maarit Lalli

  • Finland 2017; 108 min
  • Original version: Finnish, Swedish
  • Genre: Comedy drama
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The Sixth Time is a tragicomedy about two sex addicts: a woman who knows how to say yes and a man who doesn’t know how to say no. Annika is a private detective and not very good at her job. Ricky is a real estate agent who really knows how to sell. He needs two calendars: one for work and the other for women. The two meet when Annika stumbles over Ricky’s street sign. Once inside the apartment, they skip formalities. All Annika wants is sex and for Ricky that is just fine. Their relationship is based on a mutual understanding – until the sixth time. The Sixth Time is a portrait of grown-up people of our time, who happily mess up their lives.

Director's Statement

What happens when your instincts control you, and you are not the one controlling them? In 2011, an international cheating website has reached Finland. I was startled. I wanted to know more about the mind of a betrayer and take part in a discussion about truth, lies and one’s personal morals and values.



    Maarit Lalli