The Sound of Stars Dazes Me
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    The Sound of Stars Dazes Me

    El ruido de las estrellas me aturde

    Directed by



    20 min

    • Spanish

    Drama, Short

    As a boy looks for a cybercafé he is overwhelmed by wild waves. A group of boys lives together surrounded by lots of things, they work, walk, talk in very different places, but we are never quite sure where they are. An ant walks across hairs wishing that there were no more idols.


    José Maldonado
    Santiago Miranda
    Jerónimo Quevedo
    Martín Shanly
    Nicolás Uccello
    Eduardo Williams
    Eduardo Williams
    Manuel Bascoy
    Eduardo Williams
    "Coconutt" - Panda Valium

    Director's Statement

    To be able to be in another world, this one, that one or another. To try and create a space and a moment in which the mind can raise doubt, in order to become aware of the infinite potential in everything. Reality is just one choice.

    Eduardo Williams

    Eduardo Williams


    Sound and image cannot always be explained... Cinema escapes this explanatory, institutional way of thinking. There is no exam.

    Eduardo Williams (b. 1987, Argentina) is a Paris-based filmmaker. He studied at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, before joining Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in France. His first short films were set in his home country of Argentina but his more recent works, shot in various locations across the globe, have come to include the uncertainty of travelling and the spontaneous connections made in unfamiliar contexts as a central part of his filmmaking process. Williams’ shorts films COULD SEE A PUMA (2011) and THAT I'M FALLING? (2013) premiered at Cannes Film Festival and his first feature, THE HUMAN SURGE (2016), won the Filmmakers of the Present prize at the 69th Locarno Film Festival.

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