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The Tale of Iya

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The Tale of Iya (Iyamonogatari)

Directed by Tetsuichiro Tsuta

  • Japan 2013; 169 min
  • Original version: Japanese
  • Genre: Drama
    • Asian Future Special Mention Award - Tokyo IFF
    • Aurora Prize - Tromsø IFF
    • Jury Prize (Young Cinema Competition) - Hong Kong IFF

  • From the director of BLACK CATTLE presented at Asian Project Market


A dreamlike visual poem about the nobility of co-existing with nature as embodied by an innocent young woman living in Iya, Japan's last untouched region. A tunnel to be built in Iya, Japan's last untouched region, threatens to disrupt the natural order. An elderly man (Min Tanaka) and his granddaughter Haruna (Rina Takeda) living there meet a young man from Tokyo (Shima Onishi), and their primitive and secluded lifestyle slowly heals his heart and fosters a certain emotion within him... This ambitious film that depicts the nobility of co-existing with nature was shot on 35mm film in the mountains of Tokushima, and records the changing seasons over the course of a year. It is a dreamlike visual poem that offers viewers a truly cinematic experience.

Director's Statement

I drove around the mountains looking for somebody like Grandpa and Haruna in this film, THE TALE OF IYA. Somebody who lives a self-sufficient life: drawing water from a river, burning wood to make a fire, and plowing the fields to grow vegetables. I was expecting that there must be somebody who still lives that kind of life if the natural nvironment has been left untouched like this. Sadly, there was nobody like this that I could find. No matter how hard I tried, all I could see was rotten thatched-roofed houses and abandoned villages. I realized there is no Grandpa in Japan anymore. All we have are vestiges and memories he left behind.




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