The Thunder Feast

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The Thunder Feast (Los Truenos de San Juan)

Directed by Santiago Maza

  • Mexico 2017; 82 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary

  • Cronograf FF

    Oaxaca FF
    New Orleans FF
    Guanajuato IFF
    Ícaro Festival
    Black Canvas Festival
    León IFF
    Latin American FF


San Juan de la Vega, a humble community of the Mexican shoal, witnesses, year after year, an explosive tradition that has more than four centuries of antiquity. The Carnival of San Juan has been celebrated since the time of New Spain and in recent decades has become a categorical event of gunpowder and party.

Director's Statement

This tradition is a clear demonstration of the conflicts that arise across Mexico and Latin America. The conventional versus the modern visions, the local customs versus the globalized aspirations of younger generations, the folkloric rituals versus the religious or constitutional laws; all these struggles affect and define these communities and its symbols. That’s why the film shows all the perspectives by which this intense carnival is understood, so that the audience can make their own conclusion. It's an intimate portrait of a crucial moment in the four-century-old history of an inimitable town.







    Santiago Maza