The Tide Keeper

Not available for screening anymore

The Tide Keeper

Directed by Alyx Duncan

  • New Zealand 2014; 9 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Short, Experimental, Drama, Animation
    • Best Animated Short - Warsaw FF
    • FIPRESCI Award - Pacific Meridian IFF


One night an old man dreams a storm into his bed. In the optimism of his youth, he believed he could save the world. But now, nearing the end of his life, he is losing hope. He has run out of time to make a difference.

Director's Statement

The Tide Keeper is part of my continuing research of states of ‘presence’ on film. It works with the presence of a non performer, developing choreography through the habits and proximity of his physical body in rela tion to his home. One of the rules of the work is that no objects or props were added to the environment. The everyday objects were found an d animated on site. The only time we broke that rule was when we introduced the miniature version of the main charac ter, the old man.