The Tracks of my Tears 2

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    The Tracks of my Tears 2

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    12 min

    • English

    Experimental, Short

    Saddam Hussein’s palace is looted in Baghdad in 2003. A red Ferrari Testarossa disappears from his garage. Years pass by and cars from the same garage are found around the world; some crashed, some in mint condition. The Testarossa is still out there, ghost riding through the never-ending desert.


    Mina Talaat
    Samir Nabil
    Omar El Hamy
    Mr Google
    Axel Petersén
    Axel Petersén
    Axel Petersén
    Samir Nabil
    Oscar Alvarez

    Director's Statement

    The Tracks of my Tears was a video installation made for my graduation in the spring of 2010. Over the winter of 2010 it grew and got a beginning, a middle and an end. In the spring of 2011 it transformed into The Tracks of my Tears 2. Enjoy the New Horizon!

    Axel  Petersén

    Axel Petersén


    I like cars, I'll admit

    Axel Petersén (b. 1979, Sweden) was educated at FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles. He is the director of several acclaimed short films. AVALON is Axel's first feature and was developed after he made a filmed pilot study with his aunt and several actors. The film was shot in the summer resort of Båstad in southern Sweden and in Västra Götaland over the course of five weeks in the summer of 2010. In 2010, Axel was Guldbagge-nominated for his short A GOOD FRIEND OF MR. WORLD, which has travelled extensively. His film THE TRACK OF MY TEARS 2 had its premiere in Venice Orrizonti 2011. UNDER THE PYRAMID (2016) screened at Goteborg FF in 2016. His latest film THE REAL ESTATE, co-directed with Måns Månsson, screened in competition at the 2018 Berlinale.

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