The Voice of Amirah

The Voice of Amirah

Directed by Khalifa Al-Thani

  • Qatar;


Set in the 1970s Doha, adolescent ambitious Amirah lives with her overly cautious mother in an unconventional household. Living a few streets away is her neglectful father and his insecure second wife. Her half-sister Assyah, consumed with envy, steals Amirah’s private journal and her life begins to unravel when her father reads the journal and decides to arrange a marriage for her.

Director's Statement

Studying in New York City meant people always had questions about where I was from and what ‘Qatar’ is. “Is it in Dubai?” “Is it part of Saudi?” those who did know about Qatar only saw it through specific lenses: Qatar Airways layovers in Hamad International Airport, the 2022 World Cup and the highest GDP per capita in the world. It bothered me that very few knew about the nation’s culture, heritage or the history of it’s people. In 1970s Doha, the people still lived simple lives while Qatar was fast expanding. One of the key changes during this time was in the education sector. In 1974 the first university in Qatar was established. THE VOICE OF AMIRAH is based on a story told by my grandmother about an ambitious young girl who was amongst the first to want a degree in Agriculture from Qatar University. The story explores themes of education, empowerment, ambition and aspiration, family and the many obstacles she would need to overcome in order to achieve her goal. These themes resonate with me because I come from a family of strong, ambitious and empowered women who have always pushed me to achieve the unachievable.



    Mohammed Fakhroo