The White Girl
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    The White Girl

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    97 min

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    The White Girl was born allergic to the sun. Her only friend, Ho Zai, is too young to understand her problems. Her classmates tease her. Her overprotective father keeps her cooped up at home, but she's not at home in her own world. Even her bedroom is a bunk bed with a curtain for a wall. All she wants to do is grow up and leave the village. At night, she meets a man by the sea. His name is Sakamoto. He's not from the village. He's an outsider. This is a love story, but Sakamoto and The White Girl are not lovers. So what happens between them? They look at each other. He becomes her mirror. She becomes his. That's what love is: through another they see themselves, reflected, as the imperfect mess that human beings often are. Together they are more than what they could be if they were alone, because when you put a mirror in a room it expands the space. Up at a historical ruin with Sakamoto, The White Girl finally has space to be free, space to discover what is possible within herself.



    Joe Odagiri
    Angela Yuen
    Jeff Yiu
    Michael Ning
    Tony Wu
    Sam Leung
    Jenny Suen
    Christopher Doyle
    Christopher Doyle
    Kubbie Tsoi
    Jinpo Yip
    Jenny Suen
    Lung Dart
    Christopher Doyle

    Christopher Doyle


    Christopher Doyle was born in New South Wales, Australia and lives in Hong Kong. As a cinematographer, he has collaborated with Wong Kar-wai, Zhang Yimou, Jim Jarmusch, and Gus Van Sant. He directed the fiction feature AWAY WITH WORDS (1999) and the segment 'Porte de Choisy' in PARIS, JE T'AIME (2006), both of which played the Festival. HONG KONG TRILOGY: PRESCHOOLED PREOCCUPIED PREPOSTEROUS (2015), his first documentary feature as director, screened at Toronto IFF. THE WHITE GIRL (2017) is his latest film co-directed with Jenny Yuen which premiered at Singapore IFF.

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    Jenny Suen

    Jenny Suen


    Jenny Suen is a writer, producer, and film director. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. THE WHITE GIRL is her first feature film as a director which premiered at the 2017 Singapore IFF.