The Winter Garden's Tale

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The Winter Garden's Tale (Istoriya Zymovoho sadu)

Directed by Simon Mozgovyi

  • Ukraine 2018; 75 min
  • Original version: Ukrainian, Russian
  • Genre: Documentary


Valentina Voronina, gardener and tenacious manager of a large conservatory, is fired after forty-five years on the job. Time is winning in its unequal battle with lack of financing, a decaying building, and the approach of retirement age. The dilapidated conservatory reflects the weakening strength of its distinctive manager and visionary. The conviction that the plants will die if nobody looks after them, is intertwined with the appearance of esoterics and a shaman with a divining rod who discovers a spring of positive energy in front of the building’s entrance. Palm fronds rustle like a silent witness to the melancholy struggle against time and the relentlessness of decay. Another cruel winter is on the horizon.



    Alex Chepiga